212 Spa welcomes the public and members alike. Decompress while our licensed technicians provide you with personalized services, and take advantage of the complimentary access to all of 212 Fitness amenities. Affordable, On site child care is also available to spa guests. Take time to feel better.




60min / 90min / 120min
$75 / $95 / $125

Take the guesswork out of body work. This personalized service will address all of your aches and pains. Our knowledgeable staff will discuss your concerns and address them with a custom blend of modalities including: Myofascial release, Sports therapy, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point release, and/ or Cupping. This will be discussed with you before your session to achieve the best results.

express custom massage


Don’t have time for a full body treatment? This shorter service allows our technicians to work on one or two problem areas to provide you with relief in a time sensitive manner.

relaxation massage


Using Swedish techniques, our massage therapists will relax the soft tissue and calm the body, allowing you to unwind and refresh. Includes your choice of one essential oil blend.

Specialty Massage


Cupping therapy

60min / 90min
$75 / $95

This ancient form of alternative care uses specialty cups to create a vacuum between the skin and muscles, allowing for improved blood flow, fascial manipulation, trigger point release, and more movement to the individual muscle fibers. This is considered a form of Deep tissue massage.

*Due to the targeted circulation, Cupping Marks and discoloration may be visible from 1-2 weeks after the initial service. This technique is not suitable for those taking blood thinners or women who are currently pregnant.

Prenatal Massage

30min / 60min
$40 / $65

Perfect Relaxation for the mother-to-be. Allow our licensed therapists to take away the stress from your ever-changing body, while you relax on a soft massage table, surrounded by pillows.

Each prenatal massage includes a complimentary smoothie from Next Degree.

*Prenatal clients must be in their 2nd or 3rd Trimester to receive a prenatal massage. Those in their 1st trimester or those considered high risk pregnancy must provide written permission from their Physician.

Reiki Energy

30min / 60min
$40 / $65

A subtle and effective form of energy work that can benefit the whole body by helping to align the body's natural energy fields.

*Reiki is a form of therapeutic touch. No manipulation of soft tissue is performed during this service.

Lymphatic Massage


This feather light massage stimulates the lymphatic system allowing the body to naturally release toxins, boosting the immune system, and reduces excess swelling.

Hot Stone Massage


This seasonal service is offered from October through April and is a perfect way to keep toasty warm on cold winter days.

Facial Services


212 Facial


Our classic facial service. A licensed Aesthetician will select a personalized blend of products for your face, neck, and décolletage. We will remove your makeup and cleanse the skin in preparation for exfoliation with warm steam*. Extractions are performed to remove deep congestion or blemishes. Soothing toner is applied to rebalance the pH of the skin. A custom mask and eye cream is applied and while you enjoy a hand and foot rub. Completing with moisturizer and lip balm for rehydration and a blissful scalp rub.

*Note steam may not be used with certain exfoliants or extra sensitive skin types.

Express Facial


This perfect pick-me-up facial includes a cleanse, exfoliant, mask, and moisturizer to give your face a wonderful glow. Also includes a hand rub for added relaxation.

*Products are not applied to the neck or décolletage, steam and extractions are not utilized, and the foot rub is not included.

Power Peel


Great for hyper-pigmented or acne skin conditions. This powerful service is focused on exfoliation to peel back layers and nourish healthy skin underneath. Best results when used once a week for 4-6weeks.

*Before doing a series, please consult with one of our licensed Aestheticians.

Back Facial


All of the great products in the 212 Facial, but for your back! Perfect for both men and women. Helps with mild to distressing breakouts, skin dryness and flakiness, or just pure relaxation.


Please note: A minimum of three weeks outgrowth is required for best results.


Eyebrows / $15
Lip / $10
Chin / $10
Cheeks / $15
Full Face / $40
Brow & Lip / $20


Underarms / $20
1/2 Arms / $30
Full Arms / $40
1/2 Legs / $40
Full Legs / $60


Full Back / $50
Patch Work / $35
Chest / $50
Back & Chest / $85


Bikini / $30
LA Bikini / $40
Brazilian / $60

Bonus Treatments


Salt Scrub


Unwind with a gentle full body scrub, warm towels, and light moisturization to battle dry, lackluster skin. Complete with a stress relieving scalp rub, you’ll be glowing when you’re done.

LasH Lift

Lash Lift & Tint / $65
Lash Lift / $50
Lash Tint / $20
Brow Tint / $20

Beautiful eyelashes and eyebrows without the daily hassle. Try our Lift and Tint for lasting results up to 6-8 weeks!

Hand Paraffin


Prep your hands with a gentle salt scrub, then three dips in the warm, therapeutic paraffin. Allow to cool, and end with a soothing hand rub. Perfect for those suffering from arthritis, poor circulation, or dry skin. Great as an add on, or stand alone service.

Foot Paraffin


Each foot is prepped with a hot towel treatment, then slipped into warm paraffin bag, to comfort aching feet. Complete with a lightly scented lotion and foot rub for total relaxation.

Hand & Foot Paraffin


The best of both worlds. Combine these two services for the ultimate mini indulgence.